Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Baby On The Move!!!

Move over!! Chloe has new adventures to explore. At 8 months 1 week Chloe took off. The key item to get her going was she was after her sister's puzzle pieces. On Monday, Cleis and I were working a puzzle and Chloe wanted a piece really bad. We left a piece laying there and Chloe took 2 crawls toward it and then a leap. After that she had it and she hasn't stopped since.

I hope all my preaching I've been doing over the last several months Cleis has listened, and Daddy has listened too. It is now serious time to baby proof the house. We all know where small pieces go and we don't want any emergencies.

Eight month pictures

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Excelled Eight Month Old

It is here and actually passed by a few days but Chloe is 8 months old and moving right along.

How many teeth do I have?

Chloe is sporting 8 teeth, one for each month. She has 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top.

My favorite toys:

Sing & Discover Piano by Vtech - this is one of the most annoying toys you could ask for. But for some reason both of the girls have enjoyed this toy. The toy has this little dog with a guitar that moves and shakes all the time. It has this bongo that constantly counts. It repeats, "if you want to play a song sing with me", "join the animals and count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5"," if you want to have some fun start tapping on your drum" and many more. I won't be sad to see this one go.

Of course she continues to still love her Jumperoo and Exersaucer. She is also liking her Bumbo seat more. She watches Mommy make breakfast or dinner and joins me on the counter. It makes her feel more a part of it.

Leap Frog table - Now that she's starting to pull up and stand against things she can't get enough of this toy. It has so many activities she doesn't know where to go first.

Things I'm becoming attached too:

My mommy - It is more less when she is hungry or it's been awhile since she has nursed.

Taggie blanket - she loves this blanket, good to play with, good for comfort

Boppy - this is quite funny but when she sees me grab the boppy, she knows what is coming and she usually laughs out load or smiles real big. Signs of excitement.

Noises I can make -

Her latest new sound is making raspberries, Hi is a common sound, Dada is a common sound, giggling with her sister, Cleis.

Overall Chloe is doing great and excelling right along.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's Official

Last night Chloe looked at Tony and said Dada. Once again another girl lost to Daddy. Making her first word Dada, along with everything else she references to as Dada. Of course we tried to get this on video, but we hit the usual hump of when you want them to do something to show off, they don't. Urrrrr...... How do they know????

Let's see how many months have I worked on trying to get Chloe to say Mama first, that would be 7 months and 29 days or 314 days that I have spent my time trying to get her to say Mmmmmm, Mmmaamm, and Mama or at least something along those lines. Oh well, it will happen when she is ready.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Finally Up to Date

After 7 weeks of dealing with an ongoing ear infection and missing our immunizations at our 6 month baby check up we are now up to date and back on track.

When we came home on Friday from her surgery I had two appointments I needed to make. The follow-up in one month for her ears and hearing test and to get her up to date on her immunizations.

Chloe's appointment for her immunizations was yesterday and everything checked out great. Her ears are healing great. She's doing great in the weight department, weighing in at 19 lbs. 7.6 ozs. I don't know the percentile and all that. If guessing I would say somewhere in the 90th percentile. And then of course the dreaded needles came and she didn't like that. She was able to miss out on one of them though since she is past 32 weeks. WooHoo........

Mouth Full

It does appear that Chloe is most definitely not going to be behind in the teething department. I noticed a few weeks back that her top gum was showing some white, I kept thinking to myself, these can't all come in at the same time especially the ones next to the front two. (I don't remember all the names for the teeth) Well it does appear that I am going to be wrong. On Sunday (June 3) I felt the first one, then Monday another one, now Tuesday yet another one. I would say by the end of this week she will have eight teeth.

I had better watch out. Nursing could take on a new meaning or feeling. Although, she has done extremely well with teething and not biting. I did have a few issues when tooth number three appeared but nothing too bad. They were usually at the end of her feeding and I was probably lazy by not ending the session. Wish me luck the nursing continues and our success continues.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Home and Doing Well

We are back home after an early morning. Chloe went in for her surgery this morning to have her tubes placed in her ears. All is well with Chloe. She did great.

There was no infection in either ear so the antibiotic must have been working over these past 8 days. Her right ear still had some fluid.

She was a little fussy after the surgery, to be expected though. I was able to nurse her and that was a great comfort. We nursed for about 40 minutes to give her time to come down from the anesthesia. Tony took her for a bit after her nursing. We got her clothes back on her and once we were outside and heading home she never made another sound. She fell asleep on the way home and slept for about 2 hours afterwards. She is now up and back to normal, eating well and nursing. A bit needy but that's okay we will get through that.