Sunday, April 29, 2007

It Pays To Listen

After 9 days of Chloe being on her antibiotic she has broken out in hives and has a rash. It is mostly on her upper extremities but there is a little rash on her upper thighs. Spoke to the doctor on Friday and he said it is not uncommon to show the signs this late. We stopped the Amoxicillian (darn this is on the free list at Meijers) and will follow-up at our appointment in another week.

I'm so glad we listened to the doctor when he said hold off on starting the baby food. It made figuring the allergy out very simple. She is definitely ready to start her baby food and I'm ready for her too. I've added an extra cereal feeding per day and I think she has added a couple of extra nursing sessions.

Hopefully starting the food will be a success.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How to enjoy Thunder!!!

I believe the picture speaks for itself.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Six month Doctor Visit

We have been to the doctor today for what was suppose to be our 6 month well baby check. We have good news and bad news.

We'll start with the good news - Chloe is doing great reaching her milestones. She has accomplished all for the 6 month point and is already on some of the 8/9 month milestones. She is well on track for motor, language and developmental skills. Yeah! Go Chloe!!!

Chloe is at 18 lbs. and 9 ounces placing her in the 90th percentile foe weight. I have a chub-chub her. Side note to this, Cleis did not even weigh this on her first birthday. Her length is 27 1/4 inches placing her in the 95th percentile and head circumference is 75th percentile at 43 cm.

The doctor did a full body check on her and said she has very strong legs, her hip placement looks great and that she is doing just fine.

Now for the bad news - I have noted in previous post that we were having some fussy days and that we had a new tooth. Well I was chalking all the fussiness up to change in routine, baby food, teeth, anything but hearing the words "ear infection". Unfortunately Chloe has her first ear infection. For the most part she has been in great spirits. She gets fussy in the late afternoon and early evening and wants to be held, other than that she has been good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this was caused by her teeth and she doesn't have the same ears Cleis had. But if that is the case we will make it through. She has been prescribed her antibiotic and starting solids is on hold. If by chance she has a reaction to the medication we will know it's the medication and not have to go through the process of elimination. We will begin solids in 10 days once we finish the medication. Until then all my hard work will remain in the freezer until Chloe is ready.

We go back in three weeks to do a follow up on her ears and at this time she will get her 6 month immunizations.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another new tooth

I have another explanation around the fussy days Chloe has been having. I was feeling around in Chloe's mouth today and I felt a new tooth and could see the new tooth. I was really thinking it would be her top teeth to come in next but this tooth is on the bottom next to her other two teeth. She has three on the bottom and zero on top.

There is definitely truth to the saying "every baby is different". Cleis and Chloe have been totally different on their teeth coming in. Cleis was more textbook and I feel Chloe is all over on her teeth development. I will wait to see what is next????

Will it be molars, eye teeth??????

Monday, April 16, 2007

Routine confusion or Sweet Potatoes?

I spent Friday making baby food for Chloe and started her with some sweet potatoes that night. I then spent the next two nights with night awakenings and fussy days. Since I had three days of a fussy little girl I stopped to ask myself, is it the sweet potatoes or has she been confused over the changes in her routine? New baby food, spending more time at the gym, night time routine different than usual.......

I stopped the sweet potatoes. I can only guess they made her belly a little gassy. We went back to our night time routine doing our usual night things and we have our sleeping baby back.

I'm happy again to be getting my sleep. Chloe however, is still having some fussy moments through out the day. Is it a growth spurt or more teeth on the way?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Let's Go Fishing

Today was a nice day and we wanted to go try out Cleis' new fishing pole from the Easter bunny that visited at Mimi and Papaw Newell's house. So we packed the car and headed out to the farm. It was a fun day and a busy day too. Tony put me to work on the tractor and had me cutting the field. Tony and Cleis rode around on the mower and cut. When they finished they went on a worm hunt so we could fish.

While we were fishing we fired up the grill and grilled out steaks and potatoes. Yummy!!!!

Tony had Cleis' pole all ready and as soon as she put her pole into the water she had a fish on her line. She was so excited, as we all were and I was rushing to get the camera. Tony got her pole ready again and before you knew it she had another fish on her line. For those of you getting ready to head out on your annual fishing trip you might want to consider taking Cleis, she must be good luck.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Half Way

I cannot believe that today Chloe is 6 months old, it just doesn't seem possible. With each passing month, I ask myself where does the time go?

What are you doing at 6 months?

You giggle and laugh. Especially to Itsy Bitzy Spider and time for bath.
You smile all the time. Very delightful and happy baby.
You play with your hands and toes.
You grab for your toys and things that are not your toys. You are becoming electronically inquisitive, remotes, phones and computers are becoming things you want to play with.
You roll over and scoot all over the floor.
You sit up and reach for your toys.
You get up on your knees and work hard at trying to crawl.
You have two teeth, which came through on the same day.
You sleep through the night. Yippee!!!!
You babble and try hard to talk and have conversations with us. Words you say, Hi, gaga, aaaggghhh, gggaahhh, dada, mama, aarr, uugghh. There are more and I need to record them.
I think you've learned the baby sign for 'bath time' and your grasping 'all finished'.

What are your favorite things?

Your green cereal bowl. You get so excited when you see your green bowl.
You love your Jumperoo. This is one of the greatest things out there.
You love your Exersaucer. This entertains you for hours.
You love the Doggie that hangs from your car seat.
You enjoy your Taggies book and are interested in your Taggie blanket.
You love to watch your sister.
You love your bath.

You have been a joy to have around and have been a really easy baby to raise. I hope this last part continues and your always easy. Please no grief for your loving parents.

I'll be updating soon on her stats, we go to the doctor next week.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny has been extremely good to the girls. It was like Christmas all over again. I've never seen so many new things and so much candy.

Cleis was a joy to watch this Easter. Even though the weather was not suitable for hunting eggs outside we made the best of hunting for them inside. I see a lot and I mean a lot of her daddy in her. She was eager to hunt and couldn't even wait for the instructions and boundaries, she was off and running and throwing eggs into her basket. At least she gets it honest.

Chloe had a big day too. She really wanted to get in on the action, she was having a hard time watching all her cousins. They had better watch out, next year she will be out there with them and grabbing those eggs.

Friday, April 6, 2007

A Night Out

Mommy has had her first night out.

I was a little apprehensive at first to leave Chloe for any length of time. The history behind the two other times I had left Tony with the girls the outcome was not good, and I was only gone for an hour each of those times. Both times Chloe received injury to the head. Minor but they equalled long crying spells.

All turned out well tonight and I had a great time. I was able to catch up with my friend, Tonya and I worked on some much needed scrapbooking. Tony had a great time as well spending some one on one time with his girls.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Chloe's own website

Since Chloe was born we have been working on getting her own domain name so that she can have her very own website. Also since we made the decision for me to stay home with the girls this will give me something creative to build and utilize what brain cells I have left. I'm excited about this project and can't wait to get started.

I will be launching the website soon, you can visit her site at