Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little School Girl

It's official, Cleis is now a school girl. I can't believe how fast the first day of school rolled around. I can't get over how fast time truly does fly. I can't believe it's been 5 years since we brought our little girl home and everyone left and Tony and I looked at each other, 'like okay what do we do now'. We had this beautiful little baby and we were suppose to take care of her. Well if I do say so myself I think we have done a great job thus far.
Cleis started her first day on Tuesday, August 12 and she was so excited. I wasn't sure how I would feel, I had so many mixed feelings but I did just fine. I was so busy and rushing around and trying to make sure I had remembered everything I don't think I had to time to think about what was actually going on. Plus Tony had not made it back in town yet from his trip to Alaska, he was on the road home though, so I was doing it all by myself. I did have some help from my wonderful mother-in-law. She wanted to see Cleis off to school and when she arrived I still needed to finish a few things up so she finished up with Chloe's breakfast and we headed out the door.

We are now into day 3 and Cleis loves it. The first day she got home, her very first comment was I'm hungry. We totally expected this. After I checked her lunch box, no wonder she was hungry. She had only eaten about 3 bites of her sandwich and nothing else. No chips, no yogurt, no fruit, even the snack I packed were still in there.
Not only do we have one in Kindergarten but I think Chloe wants to be in Kindergarten. Cleis is working on colors over the next couple of weeks and we were singing a song about the color red and before we knew it Chloe was spelling red too. I even tested her today to see if she knew how to spell red and sure enough she said R-E-D.
I think I'm going to be very happy at Dunn, we've already found several people there that we know and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with those families.