Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tubes are coming!

I've posted several times that Chloe has been having trouble with her ears. This week alone we have been to the doctor twice and it's only hump day.

About mid-week last week I noticed Chloe heading downhill again and I knew the ear infection was not gone. I hoped I was wrong but as the week went on and the weekend came things only became worse. We had a follow-up scheduled for Tuesday and I thought I'll wait and we'll get the news then. Well on Monday Chloe woke up and still had her fever and I knew I had better go ahead and call and have her seen. The findings were as I thought, ear infection still there. This time we were more less at a loss for what to do, the antibiotics weren't working, we couldn't repeat the antibiotic we just finished days before, she couldn't take the other antibiotic (Augmentin) because it has some of the same drugs in it which she is allergic too. The doctor did go ahead and prescribe Zithromax but did not think it would work but thought we should try to see. And sent us on to the ENT for a evaluation.

Our evaluation at the ENT showed what we expected. Chloe definitely needs tubes. The hearing test already showed signs of hearing loss. She has a large amount of fluid on her ears and we need to act quickly on getting these tubes placed. We are scheduled for surgery next Friday, June 2 for the tubes. We will re-test her hearing one month following the tubes and hopefully things will check out okay and it was only the fluid causing her to have hearing loss. The doctor did want to keep her on an antibiotic until her surgery to hopefully get rid of some of the fluid. We are back to the Omnicef and this drug does seem to help Chloe and keep her in good spirits.

I will follow-up after her surgery next Friday.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tooth #4 appears

On Friday Chloe had her fourth tooth cut through. I would not say Chloe has had the best of luck teething either. With her first two teeth we dealt with fluid on her ears but never an infection. From tooth three and four we haven't been able to get rid of the ear infection. Now are they related, I don't know?

Anyway it's been tough getting this tooth through.

Ways to Sleep

It has been 7 months and 1 week since Chloe came into this world and many countless nights that we have had figureing out how to make Chloe the most comfortable for sleeping. I admit I went a little overboard in the beginning.

For the first four and a half months I swaddled her in these swaddle wraps (greatest invention ever). Swaddled her in a blanket. Placed her swaddled inside a sleep sack and then laid her in a wedge. She wasn't going to be moving as far as I was concerned.

Then along the way, we lost the swaddle wraps and the blanket swaddling. We were left with sleeping in her sack and in the wedge. Well now we are going to be saying good bye to the wedge. Saturday morning I went in to get her and she was out of the wedge which was at the bottom of her crib. She was on her belly and up against the side rails.

I'm still going to start my night out by placing her in the wedge and if she moves out of it during the night so be it. I will feel better knowing she is asleep in her bed, on her back and in her wedge.

Guess we can't keep them non mobile forever.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What Am I doing?????

We have hit the 7 month mark today. I can't believe we are on the downhill slide of our first year. It doesn't seem possible. Time is going so fast and each month I like to document what has occurred during that month.

Mr. Doggy and Peacock - These are two friends that hang from her car seat. These are going to need new names real soon. Something along the lines of dirty, nasty, germy. I need to figure out how to give these guys a bath or they are going to have to hit the garbage. Disgusting!

Baby Sign Language - You have given "all finished" a new sign. I call it the penguin flap. Your sister calls it flap her wings. You love the sign for bath, you get all giddy for this one and laugh with excitement. For all the others I do with you you just look at me like I'm nuts. I know my work will pay off in a few months though.

Starting Solids - this has been a slow start for us due to your ear infections. We are now making progress though. I'm love making your food, I think you have different thoughts though. Some of the faces and noises I get aren't full of the yum yum. I had to laugh earlier in the week when I introduced you to green beans and I'm smiling at you making the yum yum sound and you give the gag sound and tongue out. I stopped and will wait a few days before we try again. We will finish our vegetables this week and start our fruits next.

Solids has added some stinkin to your trunk. Dirty diapers have a new meaning now, they really STINK!!!!! Any volunteers?????

Each day with you remains and joy and blessing.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm not sleepy

This is Chloe tonight at 10:30 p.m., wide eye and smiling. For some reason she was not sleepy tonight but she also was not fussy. I put her to bed about 20 minutes after this picture and she went right down.

Now it's my turn to sign off.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New Pics

Pity Party

Oh, poor me! I'm having a pity party for myself over my kids illnesses and a night of walking the floors with a crying baby and receiving no sleep. We've been back to the doctor today for Chloe's ears. Yes, the ear infection is still there or never left. Who knows. We're on round 2 with an antibiotic. This time Chloe is taking Omnicef. Which I'm very familiar with since this was always a popular one with Cleis. Let's hope she doesn't have an allergic reaction with this one.

Now I know things could be a lot worse and more severe but for this moment I'm going to be on my pity pot. I really thought things would be different with Chloe. She started off so much healthier, looks healthier, I thought we were on the right track. There must be something to be said for genetics though. These girls got their ears from somewhere.

We'll get through this and Chloe will be that happy baby girl again.