Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Outer Banks

The girls and family are having a great time on the Outer Banks. Cleis and Mazden can't get enough of the ocean, today has been the best beach day and best for playing in the ocean. Early in the week there were a lot of rip tides and that made for dangerous waters. Chloe enjoys her time at the beach, she doesn't mind the sand and enjoys playing in the sand. We've not taken her out in the water, not because she doesn't want to go but for me the water is a little cooler than I like and I haven't made my way out past my ankles yet. Chloe is loving the pool though and the hot tub.

On Tuesday, we made our way to the Corolla Lighthouse and everyone, including the kids, except Chloe all climbed the 214 stairs to the top of the Lighthouse. We spent most of our day at the Lighthouse and exploring the wildlife and nature center.

We have been bad parents and have not had our camera out like we should have. We do have a few pictures and I will download them as soon as I can and post.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dr. Follow Up and 9 month report

This has been a week of doctor appointments for Chloe. On Monday we had her 9 month check up and all is going well. She has dropped down into the 70th percentile for her height and weight. She weighed 19lbs. 9 ozs. and is 28" long. The doctor tells me this is common with breastfed babies. She said you see them gain a lot in the beginning and the taper off around 6 months. Chloe is textbook.

Today we had her Audiology evaluation at Kosair and we received a GREAT report. The doctor's performed 3 test on her and she did great on all of them. When we did the test in the sound booth, I can report Chloe was a different baby from the previous two times. She heard the louder noises right away and would turn toward the noise. She turned toward the softer noises as well but sometimes was a little slower or it took a couple of times to repeat but the overall report was she is hearing just fine!!!!!

The doctor's did point out it can be difficult to test Young infants and testing around 7 & 8 months can be hard to clarify. Infants are just learning about sound and responding to the sound that they may not always catch the sounds and respond correctly.

We will evaluate her hearing again in about 6 months just to make sure everything is still going well.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dr. Visit

On Friday, we made our 4-week follow-up visit to the ENT for Chloe's ear. During our visit we received some good news and then some not so good news. Chloe's tubes are in and doing great. They are open and doing what they should be doing. The bad news is when we re-tested her ears for the hearing she is still showing signs of hearing loss.

Chloe did totally fine on one side but the other side it was as though she never heard the sounds and the lady made many different sounds at many different levels and she never heard them.

We are being sent to Kosair to have more testing completed. Our visit at Kosair is on the 12th of July. I don't know what they are doing or anything. The ENT doctor said we need to refer you on and Kosair would be able to do a higher level of testing.

So next Thursday we will be at Kosair for our testing. I will follow up after we find something out.