Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time to Break Out The Potty Chair!

Over the past several weeks Chloe has been letting me know when she has peed her diaper or poop her diaper. I think it's time to start, a little early but hey I'm not complaining I will follow her signals.

We brought out the potty chair and she loves to carry it around with her. At this time she has no problem where she sits down to go potty. Chloe loves a good praise after her potty duties. We are giving lots of cheers, happy jumps, and high fives. I know we are still a ways off from being diaper free but for now we'll take these few and far between moments of potty use.

Let the potty training begin. The sooner the better.

Cleis will be a Dolphin!!!!

I'm a little late in following up with everyone where Cleis will be starting school on August 12. We are very happy. Cleis will be attending Dunn Elementary and will be a Dunn Dolphin. Yay!!! Go Dolphins.

Stay tuned for more updates on Cleis starting school after August 12.