Thursday, February 14, 2008

Busy Valentine's

We have started our Valentine Day off in full swing. A few days ago Cleis said she wanted waffles for breakfast so we started our monring with Cleis making waffles. Then we palyed with our Valentine presents. After some time playing it was off to prepare our strawberries for dipping and make some cupcakes. Cleis did all the mixing, even breaking the eggs, for the cupcakes. We got our cupcakes off to the oven and then it was doll time and reading books. We did this while our cupcakes were cooking. When they were finished and cooling we started dipping our strawberries. Once again, Cleis was "Betty Crocker" and did all the dipping for the strawberries. She did a beautiful job. I can't wait to enjoy them later.

Now we're off to prepare for some "glamour shots". Cleis loves to have photo sessions. I'm going to take some of her by herself while Chloe is down for nap and then I'll take some of both of them together. That is if our second half is cooperative. Stay tuned in to see what we get.

To finish off our Valentine Day we are celebrating with Sushi.

What an action packed fun filled day. Nothing like sharing the day with my girls and showing them how much they are loved.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Winter Wonderland

Last night we had our first significant snowfall that Cleis has been able to enjoy and the first ever for Chloe. During our last snowfall in December of 2004 Cleis was not able to play in that snow due to her unknown illness at the time and the recurring pneumonia.

But last night she made up for it. She couldn't wait to get her snow suit on and go play in the snow. She made snowballs. (the best she could w/the quality of snow) She went on a big walk and she helped her daddy snow blow the driveway.

***pictures to follow - major difficulties lately at the Newell homestead with cameras and memory cards - but I do have some

School Shopping

I can't believe that I'm actually writing about sending my darling Cleis to Kindergarten, she will be enrolling in the 2008-2009 school year. Before Tony and I ever had children this school stuff was not an area we ever agreed on. I am a for private school and my other half doesn't feel it necessary. So off began my research several months ago (actually 4 years ago) on the schools that are offered in our cluster. In our community that is how we are grouped - depending on boundaries you have what is called a cluster of schools and that is what you choose from. And then you also have the option to choose from a Magnet/Traditional program.

After many hours and much research I put together my findings and off we went to interview and tour the schools I felt like were the best choices. It was amazing some of the things I discovered. To name a few, some teachers and rooms extremely organized or neatly organized and then some I'm not sure how they know where to find their students. Most teachers looked like they were there to teach the kids and not just getting a paycheck or looking for a friend. Others looked liked they just crawled out of bed and put on their best jogging suit and stopped at the BP to pick them up a Big Gulp to slurp on all day.

As Tony put it, it's like buying a boat. You find a boat with most of your options but it still has some things you don't like about it. Then there's another boat with most of the same options but has one different option you like too or don't like. So you go with the option that you think will serve you best.

Well I hope that is what Tony and I have done. You are given the choice of two schools and the option to apply for the Traditional program. For our two choices we actually only went with one school. We felt strongly about our first choice and all the other schools we looked at were low on our like list. We also applied for the Traditional program, this is a gamble as the student is chosen by a lottery.

It will be several weeks before we know where Cleis will be going to school next year but we are keeping our fingers crossed she will be chosen for one of our choices or there will be two very upset parents going back to the drawing board.

We'll keep you posted on the outcome.