Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adding to the mix!!!

I can't believe we are starting our 4th week of school. Cleis is going strong and loving school. She comes home excited every day and ready to share a story. It is great to hear those stories and to hear about the friends she is making and the fun she is having. Many have asked about the bus situation...... she IS riding the bus. She wants to ride it and loves it so we have stayed with her taking the bus. After hearing the nightmare stories of afternoon carpool, I'm okay with her taking the bus. I hear that parents are arriving at the school one hour prior to dismissal to make sure they can get a good spot in line. That is crazy and a waste of 5 hours or more of my week.
With the start of this week we are adding to our schedule. Cleis started dance tonight at 360 Dance, she is so excited about dance but I think she is more excited about doing recitals. I'm really hoping she enjoys dance and would like to stay with it.
I started my new job today and it went well. All my little guys & gals did great (except for one). I think we are going to have an exciting year. Chloe also started her preschool program and they tell me she did great. I hope that is the case. My Director and I have placed her in the older room so that she and I could have a break from each other. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she continues to do well and has a smooth adjustment.

Stay tuned for the report of next weeks addition, I'm going to be doing an early morning boot camp three days a week. Chloe will be attending a Mother's Day Out program on Monday's and I will be volunteering in Cleis's classroom and cafeteria during that time. Cleis is going to be participating in a Mad Science program after school - I wish I could be a kid again, I would love this, especially the making of cotton candy day.

I think this will complete our routine and we will settle into our schedule.

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